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International Business Consulting Services

Pacific Rim region has been one of the fastest growing and economic powerhouse in the recent years and is a favorite with international investors. Economy growth of China has reached 7% annually in the last ten years. Since joining the WTO in 2002, China has speeded up its economy reform to face the demanding competitive world and, it has created tremendous opportunities in China. Using our depth of international resources and knowledge, we can help our clients in the following aspects in Pacific Rim region.

Strategic Planning
HHT can assist in creating strategies for international expansion including helping defining policies and practices to establish or reinforce corporate culture, global reward structures, incentives and benefit programs. We can guide your organization through the difficult process of opening a branch or subsidiary overseas; from concept to reality.

Creating an Infrastructure to Conduct Business
Our relationships and resources in the region can assist you in the following area.
   Products promotion and registration
   Establishing distribution network and local representative office
   Government regulatory affair
   Contract negotiation
   Logistic arrangement
   International Human Resources Management


We are dedicated to helping you to turn your business
and technology innovations into real business solutions.

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